1. Tips For Staying Cool in Your Backyard

    As we crawl ever closer to the official start of summer, we also watch the temperatures climb higher to match. But high temperatures don’t often keep Coloradoans from enjoying the outdoors. But if those higher temperatures are forcing you to spend more time inside than out, you might be desperate to find new ways to keep cool during the summer. Pribble Lawn and Landscaping is Greeley’s go-to y…Read More

  2. Drought-Resistant Plants for Your Greeley Yard

    The summer season in Colorado can be tricky to track. Some years we get incredible amounts of rainfall (too much in some cases). Other years, we get barely enough to keep the grass green. Living in a state that’s prone to drought means that we have to think about our yards and landscaping in a different way. Including drought-resistant plants in your yard is a great way to not only add natural b…Read More

  3. When Is It Time to Get Your Sprinklers Repaired?

    Spring has sprung and we’re loving the change in weather here in Greeley. The days are still cool, but the sun is warm, and those longer days means more time for us to help you with your landscaping needs! While you’re doing your spring cleaning inside, it’s also time to start thinking about cleaning up your yard work. One of the most often forgotten parts of your landscaping are your sprink…Read More

  4. The Most Common Landscaping Mistakes

    Here in Greeley, we love seeing our friends and neighbors transform their outdoor spaces into personal oases and luxury spaces. Some homeowners made it happen all on their own, while others worked with a landscaping company in Greeley like ours. But just because the pros at Pribble Lawn make landscaping look easy, doesn’t mean that it is. In fact, we often get calls from panicked homeowners aski…Read More

  5. When Should You Fertilize Your Lawn In Colorado?

    Do you love the look of a bright green lawn all summer long? Well, if you’re reading this in the dead of winter, you’ve got the right idea. It’s never too early to start thinking about fertilizing your lawn here in Greeley. But fertilizing just for the sake of doing so isn’t necessarily a guarantee of achieving that verdant carpet look you want. You have to be strategic about when you fert…Read More

  6. Simple Tips for Winter Landscaping

    While the weather outside might be frightful, that doesn’t mean your landscaping can’t look delightful. Caring for your landscaping and green spaces is a year-round affair. While that might seem challenging here in Northern Colorado, with its often long winters, it’s easier than you might realize. With more than 20 years of experience under our belts, Pribble Lawn has mastered the art of yea…Read More