Why Late Summer is Great for Landscaping

As we roll into the late summer season, we finally get some relief from the baking heat of July and August. This reprieve from the temperatures means that it’s an excellent time to get outside and enjoy your yard! Not only will you thrive in these cooler temperatures and shorter days, but so will your landscaping!

The team at Pribble Lawn and Landscaping loves working on yards in Greeley during this time of year. This time of year is ideal for planting new additions and completing your projects before the fall and winter. Plus, there’s still enough time in the season to enjoy the results of your hard work! Here are some reasons why late summer is great for landscaping.

Late Summer and Early Fall is Perfect for New Planting

The warm days and cool nights of late summer are the opportune time to establish new plants and trees. Not only that, but these new plants will have time to get established before it gets too cold in winter. As they settle over the fall and winter season, they’ll be rooted in before the temperatures begin to warm in springtime.

In late summer, the soil temperatures are still pretty warm, which allows the roots of these new plants to grow faster. Comparatively, the soil in springtime is still wet from snowmelt and runoff, and is soggy, making it difficult for the roots to get settled. The soggy soil also prevents air from penetrating the soil, essentially choking your plants before they can develop a stable root network.

Planting Trees

We all love the shade and comfort that a carefully positioned tree provides our homes and yards. While many naturally assume that spring is the ideal time to plant trees, the reality is that late summer is perfect. From the end of August through October, you can plant your trees in your landscaping. Evergreen trees like pines and spruce should be planted from mid-August through September, while deciduous trees and shrubs can be planted as late as early November.

Late summer and early fall is a great time to plant trees because the soil temperatures earlier in the year are no good for the growth of the tree roots. The cooler temperatures that have us reaching for sweaters mean that tree roots can grow quickly and easily. In late summer, the soil requires less water, and the roots can grow independently of the leaves.

Planting and Repairing Your Lawn

Your lawn is probably the most trafficked part of your landscaping. From playtime with kids and pets to backyard get-togethers, there’s just a lot of walking and running on your lawn. But late summer is a great time to repair your lawn and grass and prepare them for the bitter cold and snow of winter. You’ll want to consider fertilizing and even aerating your lawn in late summer. Other options like thatching and overseeding also help repair your lawn.

That’s because your lawn’s root-system is most active in the late summer and fall. The cooler temperatures and increased moisture are great for your soil. When you let your lawn repair itself in late summer, it comes back healthy and strong in spring.

You Won’t Have to Wait to Work With a Professional Landscaper

After reading all that, it’s clear that late summer is an excellent time to get your landscaping done. But not everyone realizes this and most landscapers find themselves working overtime in spring and early summer. But if you don’t want to wait to get your landscaping done by a professional, scheduling your work in the late summer is the solution! Since we’re not as busy, we can work with your schedule and dedicate more time to your project. We can design, install, and maintain your new landscaping features.

When you first call Pribble Lawn to work on your landscaping, we’ll also ask about your irrigation and sprinkler systems. Fall is a great time to do a complete assessment of your irrigation system and identify if any problems need to be addressed before the freezing temperatures of winter. The last thing you want is for your sprinklers to freeze and break during the winter, or for water to pool and collect in your yard. These issues just lead to headaches come springtime.

Make the most of the warm evenings and cool nights of late summer and spend more time in your yard. Pribble Lawn and Landscaping has been serving the Greeley area for more than 20 years, and we’re excited to make your outdoor spaces the envy of the neighborhood. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!