How Landscape Design Increases Your Home’s Value

Most homeowners purchase their house with the idea of moving onto another somewhere down the road, and maximizing the return on investment is a significant component in that plan, not to mention an integral piece of being able to in the first place. In the end, you want your home to increase in value as much as possible when the time to sell eventually comes. But how you ask?

While adjustments and upgrades to the interior of the house get plenty of attention, they are far from the only way you can dramatically boost your return on investment when you decide to list your house on the market. How your home looks from the outside is just as important and landscape design is a great way to increase your home’s value!

With a few investments to the look of your property, you will reap the tremendous benefits when you sell your house quickly and for more than asking price! Here are some great ways in which landscape design increases the value of your home:

Curb Appeal

You simply cannot overstate the importance of curb appeal to your home’s market perception, and therefore, its value. How your home and property look is the first thing prospective buyers see, especially in photos, which is the most common way people decide to look further into a home in today’s online world. So make your house pop!

According to experts from popular HGTV shows, the curb appeal of your home — and investment from landscape design — shows a great return on investment around 150 percent and above!

Make your home inviting from the street or photos with gardens, trees, green grass and lighting!

Maximize Efficiency

Do not let any space on your property go to waste. You want prospective buyers to envision how the home will serve their needs. Let their imaginations run wild with a little landscape design! A small makeover to an outdoor space can make a huge difference.

Create outdoor living spaces by installing patios, pathways or fire pits and beyond. One award-winning study on real estate sales found the addition of a patio alone added more than 12 percent to a home’s value, which could mean thousands more for you!

Environmentally Friendly and Inviting

A fantastic looking yard and landscape design also provide physiological and emotional benefits to your home. And if you think people do not care about that when buying, think again!

Even if they do not know it, a home that looks inviting and safe is a crucial factor when considering what house to buy, even if it is at a subconscious level. Open, green spaces and water features communicate relaxing environments and security. Landscaped hedges or walls offer privacy and a great look as well. A house is the one place a person should feel more comfortable than any other, so let your house whisper it to buyers.

Professional and experienced landscape design is a great way to invest your money now with a plan in mind to increase the value of your home and rake in the return down the road when it comes time to sell.

And even if selling is years or decades in the future, why not seize full advantage of the awesome benefits your newly-landscaped home can provide to you and your family until that time?

We would love to help you get the most out of your home, both now and for the future. Contact us today!