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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Sprinklers?

Whether you’re updating your landscaping, installing new yard features, or just thinking about getting a new irrigation system, updating your sprinkler system is something that every homeowner has to consider sooner or later. But determining when to upgrade your irrigation system isn’t always obvious. Pribble Lawn offers expert irrigation system installation and landscaping services in Greeley. Here’s our quick guide on updating your sprinklers.

Why Would You Upgrade Your Sprinklers?

A sprinkler system is not something we often think about. Most years, it works without issue and we have a sprinkler company inspect them before the winter season. It’s no wonder then that our customers sometimes ask us, “Do I even need to upgrade my sprinklers?” The answer is, of course, yes.

Your irrigation and sprinkler system might need to be upgraded for a number of reasons. If you caught our last blog on sprinkler repairs, any one of those issues could be cause enough for an upgrade.

Signs You Need an Upgrade

Some signs that it’s time to upgrade your sprinklers are more obvious than others. For instance, if you’re steadily replacing a handful of sprinkler heads every few weeks, or even every season, it’s probably a good sign to replace them with a new system. Similarly, if you’re suffering from system failures, you should consider an upgrade. For instance, if you wake up and find all of your sprinkler heads standing up out of your yard long after they should have retreated, they’re probably past their effective life. The springs inside these heads have lost their tension after years of use.

There are less obvious signs that it’s time to upgrade your irrigation system. Leaks are a given with any sprinkler system, but depending on where tehy occur, it could accelerate the wear and tear on the system. For those experiencing leaks underground, these leads can freeze overnight, causing the pipes to freeze and expand. This puts undue pressure on your sprinklers, weakening the components, and causing them to fail.

There’s also the age of your sprinkler system to consider. Like your roof, you might not really think about how old your sprinkler system is until it’s suddenly time to replace it. Most sprinkler systems last about 15 years before they start to fail more than work. With time, parts wear out, break, and need to be repaired or replaced. However, new designs and advances in sprinkler technology have made newer systems more affordable, more effective, and more efficient.

The Benefit of Upgrading Your Sprinklers

More than just the knowledge that you’ll always have a verdant green lawn, there are a couple of great benefits to updating your sprinkler and irrigation system.

New sprinklers can save you money. If you’re constantly calling Pribble Lawn to come repair your existing sprinkler system, you’ve likely already spent the cost of a new system. There’s also the long-term cost savings associated with updating your system. New sprinkler systems are far more efficient with their water usage. Lower rates of water consumption means lower rates on your water bills throughout the spring and summer seasons. With smart controls and sensors, your sprinklers will only water your lawn as much as it needs to stay looking its best.

New sprinklers also save you time. Newer systems use water in a more uniform manner, ensuring better coverage across your landscaping. It also uses water more evenly. This means that you're using precise amounts of water at the right time of day to best water your lawn. A new sprinkler system can lower the amount of time you spend watering your lawn.

Finally, there’s the obvious benefit of having a healthier, greener lawn. After all, the real reason behind having a sprinkler system is to support the long-term health and beauty of your landscaping.An upgraded irrigation system is a great way to create outdoor spaces that you and your friends and family enjoy spending time in.

Upgrade Your Sprinklers In Greeley Today

Ready to upgrade your sprinklers or irrigation system? Give Pribble Lawn a call today. We’ve been Greeley’s go-to choice for landscaping and sprinkler installation and repair for more than 20 years. We put our years of experience, cutting-edge equipment, and natural green thumbs to use to help your yard look its best. Contact our specialists today to set up an appointment.