Tips For Staying Cool in Your Backyard

As we crawl ever closer to the official start of summer, we also watch the temperatures climb higher to match. But high temperatures don’t often keep Coloradoans from enjoying the outdoors. But if those higher temperatures are forcing you to spend more time inside than out, you might be desperate to find new ways to keep cool during the summer. Pribble Lawn and Landscaping is Greeley’s go-to yard service, and that means we spend a lot of time outside, even when it feels just a little too hot to handle. Beyond just great landscaping, we also offer great advice. Here are some quick tips for staying cool in your backyard this summer.

You’ve Got it Made in the Shade

Perhaps the easiest way to cool down your outdoor areas is to put them in the shade. If you’re waiting for your shade trees to grow up, don’t panic, you’ve still got options. Pergolas are fairly straightforward to set up and you can do so affordably. These can be draped with shades and curtains to help block the sun, while also providing some privacy. Plus, you can integrate them into your landscaping by letting vines and flowers grow within the lattice and woodwork of the pergola.

A more immediate solution is to use umbrellas. These do a great job of limiting the amount of solar gain your outdoor areas experience, while also channeling that distinct summer feeling. Outdoor umbrellas can be found at any hardware store and can be set up quickly. That makes them ideal for those garden parties that seem to move about the yard throughout the evening.

Reexamine Your Outdoor Furniture

Heavy metal outdoor furniture might be durable and may last for years, but even on warm days, let alone hot ones, they can be uncomfortable to sit in. The fact is, no one wants to be branded by your metal deck chairs. Protect your family and friends, and keep everyone cooler by keeping a few factors in mind while selecting outdoor furniture:

  • Avoid dark colors. These absorb the heat from the sun faster. Lighter colors reflect the sun’s rays and keep cool
  • Replace metals with wood. These materials stay cooler longer. Wicker makes for a great choice.
  • Fibers and fabrics help to reflect the sun’s rays and have the added benefit of wicking away moisture. Your guests will enjoy the comfort a chair cushion has to offer.
  • If your back patio is made from stone, an outdoor rug can help your feet cool and comfortable.

Change Up the Menu

A roaring grill and the sizzling of hamburgers and hot dogs are classic parts of the summer season, but they aren’t always welcome when the summer sun is cooking you and your guests. Instead of relying on barbecue and meats this summer, mix up your menus and try some new meals.

Interestingly, you can use spices to help keep your guests cool. Spicy foods like jalapenos or curries can cause your body to sweat, which helps your body lower its temperature. If spicy food isn’t your favorite, you can also serve fresh salads and fruits. Meals that are centered around salads and fruits are lighter, which keeps your stomach from working as hard to digest them, and by extent, keeps you cooler.

Add a Gentle Mist

Patio misting systems have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and you’ll find them in homes, at restaurants, and in popular event areas too. Misters can be as simple or as complex as you want. Some go as far as to integrate them into their irrigation systems for their landscaping, while others just buy a mister that attaches to a hose.

Misters work because of evaporative cooling. As the mist sits on your skin, the heat causes it to evaporate. The moisture-wicking off your skin causes a cooling sensation that can help you stay comfortable on even the hottest of days.

Trust in Your Landscaping

Great landscaping can also help you keep cool this summer. Shade trees are a natural way to keep the sun from directly hitting your outdoor entertaining spaces, while also adding beauty to your yard. You can use bushes and flower beds to create distinct areas in your yard, and also use them for shade. By keeping your landscaping well irrigated, the moisture in the ground also helps to keep you cool. Finally, good landscaping can affect the microclimate of your home. Landscaping around the exterior of your home helps to regulate the temperature of the interior of your home.

Even as the temperatures get higher this summer, don’t lose your cool. Call Pribble Lawn and Landscaping today to find out more about our yard services!