When Is It Time to Get Your Sprinklers Repaired?

Spring has sprung and we’re loving the change in weather here in Greeley. The days are still cool, but the sun is warm, and those longer days means more time for us to help you with your landscaping needs! While you’re doing your spring cleaning inside, it’s also time to start thinking about cleaning up your yard work. One of the most often forgotten parts of your landscaping are your sprinklers. Just like your car, your sprinklers need regular repair in order to perform at their best. But when do you need to get them repaired? Join Pribble Lawn as we outline some of the most obvious signs.

An Increase in Your Water Bill

In Northern Colorado, it can get pretty dry pretty quick. That’s why changes in your water bill are the first ones you notice. When you first start watering your lawn for the spring and summer seasons, you’ll of course see a jump in your utility bill, but if that bill continues to get larger, it’s cause for concern. When you notice a spike in your water bill, it’s time to call an irrigation professional like those at Pribble Lawn. An increasing water bill is often a sign of a leak in your system. This allows water to escape from the pipes before it reaches your lawn.

Only Parts of Your Lawn are Getting Watered

After a few weeks of running your sprinklers, you should start to see your grass returning to it’s springtime beauty. But if parts and patches of your lawn are still dead, brown, or crispy, it could be a sign that your sprinklers aren’t working properly. In some cases, the sprinklers just need to be adjusted to cover your yard effectively. In other cases, this could be a sign that your sprinklers are in need of repair. For instance, a sprinkler head needs to be modified or a valve needs to be altered.

Low or No Pressure

When you turn on your sprinklers for the first time of the season, you might notice that the spray doesn’t arc as far as it usually does. In this case, your sprinkler system isn’t getting enough pressure (or any pressure at all, for that matter) to actually move the water through the head and spray the water around the yard. Pressure issues can occur in individual sprinkler heads, or even whole sections of your yard. If you’re noticing pressure issues, start by checking the control valves and regulators of your sprinkler system. If that’s not it, you might have a more complicated issue on your hands, and will need to work with a sprinkler repair company.

Water Collecting in Some Areas

After letting your sprinklers run, take a look at your yard. Unless you’ve deliberately installed a water feature in your landscaping, an unexpected pond in your backyard is a good sign that something’s wrong with your sprinklers. Pools of water can collect in low points in your yard and along paved paths and driveways. Right next to these pools of water, you’ll likely find a patch of dry, brown grass. This is an obvious sign that your sprinkler system needs to be repaired and adjusted.

Faulty Heads, Dripping Valves, and Other Broken Parts

There are various components that make up each individual sprinkler head. Any of these parts can become damaged or broken for a variety of factors — a dog might chew one up, you might hit one with a shovel, or the freezing temperatures of winter might cause one to burst, for example.

The value works within your sprinkler system to spread the water evenly across your lawn. When the valve is damaged, water can collect around the area. If these valves are leaking or dripping, this is a sign that it needs repair.

If your sprinkler head seems to sputter or does spray water evenly, you might have a cracked valve or pressure problem. In other cases, the valve can be packed with dirt and debris, or it can be knocked out of alignment.

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