Prepping Your Landscaping for Summer Get-Togethers

Depending on the day, May in Northern Colorado can be snowy or sunny. Whether you enjoy these last gasps of winter or the start of the summer season, it’s a great time to start getting outside more and enjoying your landscaping. Of course, with the warmer weather comes more chances to get friends and families together for a backyard party! As Greeley’s go-to choice for landscaping for more than 20 years, Pribble Lawn knows what to do to prepare your landscaping for that summer garden party. Take a look!

Start With the Lawn

Even if you have the most spectacular flower arrangements in Greeley in your backyard, your guests will first look at your lawn. Perhaps it’s just part of American culture or maybe it’s just that your grass commands so much space in your yard. Whatever it is, your lawn needs to look its best. By this point in the season, you should have developed a regular mowing and fertilizing schedule that helps keep it green and healthy throughout the spring and summer. That said if you’ve fallen behind and you need to gussy up your grass fast, laying down sections of sod is an easy way to transform the appearance of your landscaping.

Tend to Your Flower Beds and Gardens

After your guests have surveyed your impressive carpet of verdant green grass, their eyes will naturally be drawn toward your flower beds and gardens. If you haven’t had the chance to do any spring cleaning, now is a great time to clear out the leaves and dead branches from last fall. Trimming up stray branches, loose limbs, and problematic plants helps keep your landscaping looking its best. It’s remarkable how even a little bit of pruning and cleaning can help brighten your yard.

Clean Up Your Patios and Furniture

After the long winter we had, it’s likely that your patio and outdoor furniture are looking a little worn. Start by sweeping away any leftover leaves and branches, and if there’s still snow, scraping that out of crevices and nooks and throwing it into the grass to melt. IF you’ve got one available, a power washer is a great way to clear any stains and discolorations off of your patio and even to clear off your outdoor furniture. If not, a high-pressure attachment for a regular garden house is a great option too.

Consider Adding Outdoor Lighting

We’ve all seen how much nicer a backyard looks during summer-time when you drape rope lighting around your patios, pergolas, and railing. It’s a great way to light up your gathering spaces during those long summer nights. But if you’re looking for a novel way to get a similar effect, take a look at lighting up your walkways and steps. You’ll find a variety of solar-powered lamps and lights that can be staked into your yard. As the sun begins to set, these lights slowly power on, illuminating pathways and ensuring that your guests don’t trip as they walk through your landscaping.

Protecting Your Lawn from Visitors

The whole point of having a garden party is to invite people to explore your landscaping, so why would you need to protect your lawn? Depending on the type of grass you have in your yard, it may be vulnerable to damage from the increased amount of foot traffic. We’re not suggesting that you tell your friends “Keep off the grass!” but there are a few ways you can protect your lawn:

  • Keep furniture and decorations on hardscaped areas and patios.
  • Spread activities across the yard so people don’t congregate in one area.
  • If possible, avoid having pets on the lawn prior to the party.

Little tips like these can help limit the impact that partygoers will have on your lawn, ensuring it stays fresh and green for the rest of the summer.

Transform Your Landscaping in Greeley

If you’re really looking to impress your friends and family with your landscaping, the best way to do it is to work with the pros at Pribble Lawn. We’ve been serving the Greeley community for more than 20 years, offering premium landscaping services and materials. From patios and pathways to sod installation and soil prep, our landscaping company really can do it all! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.