A Beginners Guide To Landscape Design

At some point, every homeowner in Greely has said to themselves, “what would it be like to have custom landscaping?” If you’re ready to elevate your yard beyond just grass, shrubs, and trees, landscaping is the obvious next step. But what makes a landscape compelling or inviting? It’s all in the design. As Greeley’s go-to choice for landscape design and installation, Pribble Lawn has been transforming yards for more than 20 years. Here are our guiding principles for all of our work.


The human brain is geared to recognize patterns like repetition and combination. As you consider how to design your landscaping, consider how you can use patterns to create a sense of cohesion in your yard. It might be the repeated use of a certain flower throughout the yard or pairing some plants with a distinct type of pot or flower bed. Cohesive elements make any landscape easy on the eyes and easy to enjoy.

Balancing Symmetry with Asymmetry

Landscaping looks its best at the extremes. Either your landscaping design should look completely manicured, or totally natural. You can achieve either of these looks by considering how you're using symmetrical and asymmetrical elements. You might “balance” your landscaping with shade trees on one side and flower beds on the other. Alternatively, you might place flower beds within the existing vegetation in your yard to make them appear as if they appeared there on their own.

Consider Color

We love our home in Greeley, but we’ll be the first to admit that its natural color palette can be a little dull. You can brighten up the look of your home on the plains of Colorado with your choice of plant and flower colors. Warm tones, like red and yellow, make your landscaping appear as if it’s leaning into the yard. Cooler tones like blue and green look as if it’s spreading outward, away from the center of the yard. Thinking about color theory can add nuance and intrigue to your landscaping.

Highlight a Focal Point

Think about your kitchen or living room. You’ve likely styled it to have some eye-catching piece in the room. People naturally gravitate toward that piece. Your landscaping should have a similar focal point. For your yard, your focal point can be as simple as the largest tree in the yard or can be more complex like a seating area or major flower bed. It’s important to remember that the “focal point” does not necessarily mean that it has to be the central part of your yard. In fact, having your focal point be in the corners of your yard can add visual appeal to your landscaping.

Work From Big to Small

When first installing landscaping, many are excited to plant their perennial flowers right away. While these will be the immediate visual focus for many, they should be the last thing you plant. Instead, start with your trees, move onto to your shrubs and bushes, then plant your flowers. After that, lay down your ground cover options. This helps you see your design composition come to life, but it also prevents you from unintentionally trampling your more delicate features as you place your larger, more cumbersome features.

Think About Scale

Scale is the relationship between features. When you’re considering scale in landscaping you’ll want to keep two relationships in mind. The scale between the garden and your home, and the scale between yourself and the garden. In Greeley, we have lots of traditional ranch style homes and two-story homes. We suggest using the garden as a way to create more obvious boundaries between your home and your neighbors. Your garden should be about two-thirds the height of your home.

When it comes to human scale, many feel that their garden should be smaller than they are. But for landscaping that’s truly compelling, consider using features that create an immersive environment. Think about adding trellises, gates, and trees and shrubs that are taller than you and seem almost exaggerated in their proportions.

Enjoy Beautiful Landscaping in Greeley Today

Our beginner's guide is a great place to start when you’re considering adding new landscaping features to your home, but the actual challenge is making it all happen. Lucky for you, Pribble Lawn is here to help. Contact us today to find out more about our landscaping design and installation services in Greeley!