Does Your Yard Need an Irrigation System?

One of the most iconic symbols of American home ownership is the front lawn. These patches of verdant green grass likely hearken back to Thomas Jefferson’s ideal of the American as the yeoman farmer, tending to their plots of land and finding success from it. Or, more likely, they serve as a nice place to relax around the home, entertain friends, and play with family. Since the yard is so closely tied to the idea of home ownership, many people spend as much time looking for ways to make it easier to care for their yard as they do actually tending to it. It’s no wonder then that many look to an irrigation system to make their yard work easier.

But does your yard in Greeley really need an irrigation system? Let’s take a look.

An Irrigation System Can Help Save Water

Always a concern on the plains of Colorado, saving water is a great way to save money on your utility bills too. Using an irrigation system, rather than a sprinkler hooked up to a hose, ensures that your yard is being watered effectively and efficiently. That’s because irrigation systems are programmed to apply specific amounts of water at specific points. For instance, if your yard is shady, you might need less water. Irrigation systems can also be set on timers so that you water at night, allowing the water the chance to soak into the ground before the warmth of the sun gets to it. A well-established irrigation system also helps you avoid watering your sidewalk and driveway, which is just a waste.

Irrigation Systems Give You Your Time Back

Look, we’re all busy. Even as some of us work from home right now, that doesn’t mean we always have the kind of time we’d like to devote to yard care projects. In moments like these, having a mechanical advantage is never a bad thing. Irrigation systems are now designed to manage all of your yard watering for you. By integrating technology into the system, your irrigation system will know when and how long to water your yard. This takes the guesswork out of some of your yard care. Since the system runs automatically, the only time you’ll have to think about shutting it off is at the end of the summer season and if it rains.

They’re a Great Way to Manage Larger Yards

While some might dream of owning a sprawling yard that really gives you room to stretch out, not everyone owns a large yard. If you’re maintaining a smaller yard, an irrigation system might not be necessary. In fact, you can probably get away with using just hoses and sprinklers. However, if you’re maintaining a larger yard, an irrigation system is far more advantageous. Irrigation systems care for larger yards since they go off at regular times and use set amounts of water. This keeps you from overwatering some spots, or underwatering others, which is a risk you run when using hoses and sprinklers with larger yards.

An Eco-Friendly Approach to Yard Care

We’re all looking for ways to do our part and help the planet. An easy way to do just that is to use an irrigation system. These systems are set up strategically so that you’re maximizing the water that your yard receives. When timed to line up with the coolest parts of the day, you can do more good for your lawn with less water. Plus, some studies have found that nearly seven percent of runoff occurs from poor use of residential water. An irrigation system helps you to reduce the waste of water.

Set Up an Irrigation System in Greeley Today

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