Drought-Resistant Plants for Your Greeley Yard

The summer season in Colorado can be tricky to track. Some years we get incredible amounts of rainfall (too much in some cases). Other years, we get barely enough to keep the grass green. Living in a state that’s prone to drought means that we have to think about our yards and landscaping in a different way. Including drought-resistant plants in your yard is a great way to not only add natural beauty to your home but also ease the strain on your monthly watering bill. Here are a few of Pribble Lawn’s favorite drought resistant plants you can put in your Greeley garden this year.

Why Use Drought Resistant and Native Plants?

Colorado has hundreds of native plants that are visually striking and make for great additions to any yard. These plants are well-suited to the growing conditions of Northern Colorado, as they thrive in the hard-packed soils that characterize the region. They’re also more drought resistant that transplants flowers and vegetation. That means that not only does planting native plants add beauty to your yard, it also helps you save time and money on your garden.

Apache Sunset Hyssop

This beautiful flowering plant almost looks like drops of golden sunlight pouring off the shoots of the plant. The tubular flowers are sure to stun when they change color in late summer. The unique tube shape of each flower makes them a favorite of hummingbirds, whose long beaks can easily fit inside them. As an added benefit, rabbits aren’t fans of Apache Sunset, making them a great fit for yards that have too many fuzzy visitors.

Butterfly Bush

The Butterfly Bush is a dense cluster of vivid pink and purple flowers, branching off of rich green leaves. Some Butterfly Bushes even have magenta, white, and tricolor flowers on them. The bright colors of this plant last late into the growing season. These bushes can grow from three to eight feet high during the summer season and have a sort of arching formation. During the winter, they die back to the ground. You’ll need to prune these bushes each season to help them grow tall and beautiful again.

Chocolate Flower

For those who want to add a distinct aroma to their garden, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better choice than the Chocolate Flower! This plant is native to Colorado and really does smell like everyone’s favorite sweet. The milk-chocolate smell is particularly noticeable during the early mornings. The bright yellow flowers look similar to daisies and attract bees, butterflies, and birds alike. These flowers can withstand the cold-snaps that our state is so famous for and bloom late into the season.

Santa Fe Aster

These Colorado wildflowers are a great addition to any home garden or flower box. These brilliant white, purple, and pink flowers feature a brilliant spot of yellow in the center for a truly eye-catching appearance. Not only are these stunning flowers drought resistant, they’re also very low-maintenance, making them ideal for gardeners who like to spend more time enjoying their flowers than tending to them. You’ll enjoy the gorgeous purple blooms of the Santa Fe Aster throughout the summer season.

Blue Mist Spirea

Adding a patch of Blue Mist Spirea to your Greeley garden is a great way to bring fragrance and color to your yard. These low-maintenance shrubs grow to heights of about two to three feet. They can be planted on the borders of your gardens or flower beds. These plants do well with lots of sunlight and don’t need a lot of water to thrive. The Blue Mist Spirea is remarkable for the deep blue-purple flowers that almost look like spikes on each stem.

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